Welcome to the fortified castle
of Logne

Fortress of the prince-abbots of Stavelot
Lair of the "Sangliers des Ardennes" (Wild Boars of the Ardennes)

Situated on a remarkable site along the Ourthe River, the fortified castle of Logne has always been the natural refuge of the inhabitants of the valley. Perched at the summit of a rocky spur carved through by caverns, it offers an exceptional view over the valley and the crests of the Ardennes.

From the 5th century, Germanic warriors allied to Rome were garrisoned here. During the 9th century, the site served as a shelter for monks from Stavelot fleeing the Normans. It later became the centre of a domain dependant upon the abbey, then fell into the hands of rogue lords, the la Marcks, better known as the "Sangliers des Ardennes" (the wildboars of the Ardennes). It was finally bombarded and destroyed by order of Charles Quint in 1521.

But the castle of Logne is also the lair of the “Gatte d'Or” (Golden Goat), a strange spectre, guardian of a fabulous treasure.

Visit Logne !

Discover the fortified castle, its subterranean passage, its Medieval section – a museum, a Romanesque chapel, a falconry show - and, of course, the treasure hunt.



The Golden Goat - Drawing Patrice Moray - Copyright Domaine de Palogne


The Merovingian cemetery of Vieuxville

Museum of the castle of Logne - Reconstitution of the tomb 179, 5th century

Reconstitution of a tomb from the 5th century

At the museum of the fortified castle, there are two new rooms devoted to the discovery of a remarkable cemetery of the Western Roman Empire (5th century) and the Merovingian Period (6th to 7th centuries).


An archaeological treasure... that must be seen !

Gobelet en verre, 5e siècle - Photo Guy Focant - Copyright SPW

Glass gobelet from the 5th century
Ph. G. Focant - Copyright SPW


On first sunday of the month: free entrance in the archaeological museum (from april to november).



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The Castle of Logne as you've never seen it !

From the air_ Photo JM Charette-