The origin of Logne and the Merovingian period

From 1990 to 2003, the well of the castle of Logne was the object of an exceptional excavation. The conduit dug in the rock all the way to the river was totally full for more than 480 years. 56 metres deep, 2.50 metres in diameter, close to 235 m³ of rubble to bring to the surface and then sort out and inspect: a slow and sometimes discouraging job.

But 48 metres deep, the reward was finally found! The remains of a large wooden lifting tackle, used for bringing up buckets of water, and deeper still, hundreds of objects illustrating the daily life in the castle, often very well preserved, particularly the wooden objects (bowls, weapons with their handles still attached, leather shoes, meticulously restored pottery, etc.)

At the museum, the objects regain meaning: the reconstitution of a table and a medieval chimney, the projection of a film about the excavation of the well (15 minutes).

Upstairs, the rooms devoted to the Merovingian cemetery of Vieuxville complete the view into the history of Logne in the Middle Ages.

We offer guided tours of the museum for schools or youth groups : medieval cuisine, the construction of a trebuchet, the crafting of coats of arms, medieval meals... (sur réservation)

GLansquenet, soldier of the beginning from the 16th century - Drawing Benoît Clarys - Copyright Domaine de Palogne

Lansquenet from the beginning of the 16th century - Drawing B. Clarys


Portable sundial - Photo Benoît Wéry - Copyright Domaine de Palogne
Portable sundial
Copyright Domaine de Palogne


Museum of the fortified castle of Logne - Room of the Medieval table
Museum of Logne
Room of the Medieval table