A different way of visiting a fortified castle

Equipped with a map of the castle and six enigmas, your team will find the clues left in the castle by the Golden Goat. Discover the secret code and enter the finale enigma that will lead you to the treasure !

The game is open to families during the opening hours of the fortified castle and by appointment for groups. For more information, click on the "Info" button.

But do you know the identity of the Golden Goat ?

Here is the Legend of the Golden Goat , as told by Doctor Bovy in 1839.

«Not far from Logne are the ruins of an old tower, which, in the early part of the thirteenth century, was tenanted by an old knight named Gauthier de Bierloz, one of the class called Milites casati, who, possessing small fiefs, lived in dependence on some prince or high justiciary. He had but one child, a daughter named Martha, of surpassing beauty. She had, of course, numerous admirers, but had distinguished above them all a young esquire named Alard, in the service of Waleran, Duke of Limbourg, her father's suzerain, who dwelt at Logne.

The mutual love of Martha and Alard was known to the Duchess of Limbourg, who approved of their union, which was on the point of being celebrated, when Martha, for the first time, came to the Castle of Logne. Her beauty caused such a powerful effect on the duke, that it overcame every sentiment of honour and fidelity ; and the duchess being suddenly obliged to visit her domains at La Roche, Waleran
took advantage of her absence to declare the passion which Bertha had inspired. Dazzled by his rank and the splendour of his offers, Martha forgot the vows she had proffered to Alard, and yielded to the spirit of avarice which formed the basis of her character. Her unfortunate lover was thrown into one of the deepest
dungeons of the castle, where, it was said, he perished miserably, and Martha became the avowed mistress of the duke, who gratified her love of personal splendour by heaping upon her all the wealth of which he was master, while she consoled herself for the execration of the world by appearing, on all occasions in public, decked in the most costly attire, and wearing the richest jewels.

Her hour of triumph was however brief; for one day she suddenly disappeared, and none could tell whither she had gone. Waleran caused every search to be made for her, and at last, all of mortal that belonged to her was found. Her body, loaded with gold chains, was discovered in one of the vaults of the castle the same that had witnessed her lover's last sigh. How it came there, or what was the immediate cause of her death, none could imagine; but, ever since that time, the story goes that the gatte d'or has haunted the caverns beneath Logne, where it has been often seen blazing with gold and jewels, and luring to the edge of a fearful precipice those who have been bold enough to enter. The peasants believe that the gatte d'or of Logne is the spirit of the avaricious Martha of Bierloz, who still guards the treasures which, in her lifetime, she prized beyond her truth and fame.»

(Jean Pierre Paul BOVY, Promenades historiques dans le Pays de Liège, t. 2, Liège, 1839, p. 129-130, translated and adapted for the castle of Poilvache by Dudley COSTELLO, Legends of the Walloon country and the Ardennes, second edition, London, 1846).



The treasure hunt


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